Take These 10 Steps To Become A Software Developer In 2021

Today I want to go over how you can become a Software Developer in the year 2020. We all know this has been a challenging year for a lot of us and you have to make sure to stand out from others. This plan will help you do that.

Here is the 10 step plan.

1. Master the fundamentals. Regardless of your language of choice be JavaScript, Python, Go you should know the following

2. Be comfortable with problem-solving. This will set you apart from other job candidates during your interviews.

3. Build real-world projects for your portfolio. This is essential for those without practical experience because it demonstrates your skills to a potential employer almost tangibly.

4. Do open source and learn GIT and the Terminal like your life depends on it. Professionally you’ll be using GIT and the Terminal on a daily basis and knowing them really well will help you succeed and impress during your first days a Software Developer. GIT is like a time machine for your code. If you make a mistake you can go back in time. Also, GIT is not the same thing as GITHUB.

5. Learn to read code. Read the code of other people who are at the same level as you. This allows you to understand and get value out of their code. If they are too good you won’t understand anything.

6. Study the Masters.

7. Learn how to READ and WRITE documentation. This shows potential employers that you care about your code being maintainable and readable to HUMANS (other developers in this case). Take a look at Udacity’s free Writing READMEs course.

8. Apply to lots of places.

9. Be ok with REJECTION. Getting rejected hurts but by no means allow it to happen and not let it affect you. When I was looking for my first developer job I was rejected multiple times, so many I lost count.

10. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Realize imposter syndrome will follow you for the rest of your career. If it’s no longer there it means you are no challenging your self and not growing. Don’t be complacent, challenge yourself!

Now get out there and get that job of your dreams and best of luck to you out there. Thanks for reading!

— jQN